Peopoly Lancer PETG-CF High Flow Filament

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Introducing the Peopoly Lancer PETG-CF High Flow Filament, a state-of-the-art filament designed for those who demand the highest performance in 3D printing. Building upon the success of our PLA-CF range, achieving over 70mm³/s flow rate on Magneto X. This PETG-CF filament combines exceptional high-flow characteristics with the robust qualities of PETG. Ideal for projects requiring superior temperature and chemical resistance, as well as enhanced impact strength.

*Price does not include VAT or customs.

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Print Parameters

Print Speed: 50-700mm (Magneto X)
Temperature: 220-250C
Bed Temp: 70C
Harden Steel Nozzle: Yes
Fan: On
Keep it Dry: Important

Material Characteristics

Melting Temperature: 220C
HDT Temperature: 90C
Tensile Yield Strength[MPa]: 50
Tensile Modulus [GPa]: 1.8
Elongation at Yield Point [%]: 4.4
Flexural Strength [MPa]: 72
Flexural Modulus [GPa]: 2.5
Deflection at Flexural Strength [mm]: 8.2
Impact Strength Charpy [kJ/m2](3): 35

High Flow, High Speed

Experience the efficiency of PETG-CF with a 70mm³/s flow rate on Magneto X optimized for both speed and quality in 3D printing.

Temperature and Chemical Resistant

Ideal for applications exposed to harsherenvironments, offering resilience where PLA falls short.

Superior Impact Resistance

Perfect for creating durable, functional parts that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Broad Printer Compatibility

Print effortlessly without an enclosed printer, suitable for a wide range of 3D printers.

Hardened Steel Nozzle Requirement

Ensures long-lasting performance due to the filament’s advanced composition.


1.75mm diameter, precision tolerance of +/- 0.03mm for consistent and reliable printing.

Benefits for Users

  • For High-Demand Applications: A perfect choice for engineering, automotive, and industrial prototypes requiring higher resilience.
  • For Various Printer Types: Optimized for both Magneto X and other 3D printers, widening its usability and appeal.

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