Peopoly Lancer PETG-CF High Flow Filament

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Advanced Durability and High-Flow for Versatile 3DPrinting

Introducing the Peopoly Lancer PETG-CF High Flow Filament, a state-of-the-art filament designed for those who demand the highest performance in 3D printing. Building upon the success of our PLA-CF range, achieving over 70mm³/s flow rate on Magneto X. This PETG-CF filament combines exceptional high-flow characteristics with the robust qualities of PETG. Ideal for projects requiring superior temperature and chemical resistance, as well as enhanced impact strength.

Key Features

  • 【High Flow, High Speed】 Experience the efficiency of PETG-CF with a 70mm³/s flow rate on Magneto X optimized for both speed and quality in 3D printing.
  • 【Temperature and Chemical Resistant】 Ideal for applications exposed to harsherenvironments, offering resilience where PLA falls short.
  • 【Superior Impact Resistance】Perfect for creating durable, functional parts that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • 【Broad Printer Compatibility】Print effortlessly without an enclosed printer, suitable for a wide range of 3D printers.
  • 【Hardened Steel Nozzle Requirement】Ensures long-lasting performance due to the filament’s advanced composition.
  • 【Specifications】1.75mm diameter, precision tolerance of +/- 0.03mm for consistent and reliable printing.

Benefits for Users

  • For High-Demand Applications: A perfect choice for engineering, automotive, and industrial prototypes requiring higher resilience.
  • For Various Printer Types: Optimized for both Magneto X and other 3D printers, widening its usability and appeal.

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