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Phenom Section:


Phenom Setup Guide
Phenom work directory
Phenom Resin guide:
Phenom LCD Replacing guide:
Phenom Test (pre-sliced) print (CBDDLP)


Phenom L

Phenom L Setup Guide 
Phenom L work directory 
Phenom L User Guide
Phenom L Test (pre-sliced) print (CBDDLP)

Phenom Noir

Phenom Noir Setup Guide 
Phenom Noir work directory 
Phenom Noir User Guide 
Phenom Noir Test (pre-sliced) print (CBDDLP)


Phenom (all versions) Firmware F2.8 (CBDDLP format support)

Phenom (all versions) Firmware F2.9 (CTB format support)


Moai user

New user, start here: Moai User Guide


Frequently Asked Questions


Best Reference for Moai, please visit Peopoly Wiki

Moai User Guide

For community discussion and support, including lots self-help information:  Peopoly User Forum


For software and files download:

Recommended software for adding support: Peopoly Asura  (Windows x86/x64)


Slicer Only (User would need to add support using other software 

Slicer: Cura by Ultimaker and Customer profiles


Galvo Calibration Test Files

Test Print File - Ring

Peopoly Moai STL


Latest Firmware - Version 1.18 Firmware update and latest settings 


If you are having SD card or USB drive issue, use SD card Formatter first


Resins and Vats:

Deft Resin Guide

Neo Resin Guide

Blu by Siraya Tech Resin Guide

Tenacious by Siraya Tech Resin Guide

Peopoly Wiki on Resins

Recommend exposure settings 

How to restore your vat

MSDS document for Model Resin

Deft Resin MSDS

Tough Resin MSDS

How to process TSCA document

For Email Support, please send email to


Videos related to Moai:

Moai Build Series by Practical Printing