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Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble Shooting Guide

Best Reference for Moai, please visit Peopoly Wiki

Moai User Guide

For community discussion and support, including lots self-help information:  Peopoly User Forum


For software and files download:

Cura Moai Edition X64

For Windows users, it is best to uninstall the previous version, delete all the files in




before installing

Cura Moai Edition for OSX

OSX version of Cura requires extra step to work, please see this post.

Cura Profiles on GitHub

Meshmixer from developer website   

Meshmixer Support Settings

Galvo Calibration Test Files

Test Print File - Ring

Peopoly Moai STL


Latest Firmware - Version 1.16

Version 1.16 is a significant update from the previous version. Please check user guide, especially calibration steps to learn more.  

Firmware update


If you are having SD card issue, use SD card Formatter first


Resins and Vats:

Peopoly Wiki on Resins

Recommend exposure settings 

How to restore your vat

MSDS document for Resin

How to process TSCA document

For Email Support, please send email to


Videos related to Moai:

Moai Build Series by Practical Printing