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Newly Upgraded Giant MSLA Printing - ChiTuBox Version

Accustomed to using ChiTuBox? The ChiTuBox version of the Phenom XXL V2 is here! The Phenom XXL V2 is an upgraded version of the original XXL and is the ultimate 3D printer for high-volume production and large models, designed by Peopoly for the Phenom series, boasting a build volume of 527 x 296 x 550 mm. Powered by a ChiTuBox controller, it provides precise print control, especially for complex or detail-rich print jobs, making the printing process more stable and reliable. Discover more below.

Phenom XXL V2 Unboxing (By @MorgensternPrinting)Check out the huge model print of the XXL V2 on YouTube


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Advanced ChiTuBox Mainboard for Precise Print Control

Phenom XXL V2 utilizes a widely adapted ChiTuBox firmware/software, making it easy for users to upgrade from their existing smaller LCD printers. The close integration of the ChiTuBox mainboard with ChiTuBox software provides a smoother workflow, enhancing the overall system stability and performance, thereby reducing the risk of print failures. The user-friendly interface and straightforward settings make the printing process simpler and more intuitive, especially for new users, significantly enhancing the user experience. In addition, Phenom XXL V2 also supports Lychee Slicer.

Big Build Volume of 527×296×550mm

The Phenom XXL V2 offers a substantial build volume of 527×296×550mm, 22 times larger than the Formlabs Form 3, over 4 times bigger than the Form 3L, and 500% larger than the Phenom. This expansive capacity is perfect for high-volume production and supersized models, enabling large-scale model printing in a single piece without the need for segmenting, saving both time and effort. It transcends the limitations of small-scale printing, unlocking a world of creative possibilities for users.

Advanced Parallel LED for Higher Resolution

The key enhancement in the Phenom XXL V2, compared to its predecessor, lies in the incorporation of advanced parallel LEDs. This new technology ensures more consistent lighting, lower power and energy consumption, and reduced fan noise, all contributing to a noticeably higher resolution in your prints.

Efficient Cooling System

With an improved LED array and electronic designs, Phenom XXL V2 runs cooler than the previous generation with lower noise and operating temperature.

23.8-Inch Industrial-Grade UHD 4K Panel

Phenom XXL V2 equipped with a 23.8-inch industrial-grade 3840 X 2160 (UHD / 4K) panel, offers a pixel pitch of 137um, making it an ideal choice for large-scale production and very large models.

While users could set exposure freely, it is best to first use the Peopoly Deft resin designed for large printers for the highest success rate and LCD longevity.

Huge Size Printing Plate

Large models can be hard to print, remove, and clean. Phenom XXL V2 plate can make your life easier with extra handles, ultra flat surface, and perforated holes to reduce resin build-up while improving resin flow back.

Advanced Vat System for Large Printing

Phenom XXL V2’s advanced vat system has a 5-liter capacity, reinforced handles for easy handling, and a simple-to-replace FEP system for all your large printing needs.

Dual-Rail Z-Axis Makes Printing Easier and Stable

Phenom XXL V2 has a heavy-duty dual-rail z-axis that makes large printing easier and more stable. It's perfect for any 3D printing project! In addition, the bottom of the machine is removable around the edges, making it easier to repair.

Technical Specifications

Printer Type: MSLA Technology

Mainboard: Chitubox

Print Size: 780 X 571 X 1120mm

Print Volume: 527.04 X 296.46 X 550mm

Shipment Size: 950 X 750 X 1450mm

LCD Pannel: 3840 X 2160 (UHD / 4K)

Pixel Pitch:137μm

Screen Aspect Ratio:16:9

UV Light Power: 340W

Power Input:110-220V, 50-60HZ

Vat Volume: 5.8kg

Build Material: Metal and Acrylic

Color: Dark Gray and Orange

Physical Weight:150KG

Shipping Weight:165KG

Accessories List

Besides its standard accessories, the Phenom XXL V2 comes with these additional accessories:

  • 1 Extra LCD Screen
  • 3 FEP Films

Additional Consumables