Peopoly (Peopoly Inc Limited) started out as a personal project between 2 friends enjoy building 3D printers in 2015. We built a few FDM 3D printer based on RepRap, Ultimaker and other open source designs and enjoyed the experience.  While we learned a lot from experience and created several useful printers, we weren't satisfied with the low resolution from the FDM results. 

To get even better details on our prints, we turned out attention to the SLA printers. While there are many DLP SLA printers, there weren't many laser-based SLA printers on the market, let along a kit designed for professionals and makers alike. We challenge ourselves to create a laser/galvo based SLA printer that prints great while is affordable. This is how we started developing Moai about in late 2015.

Moai wouldn't be possible without inputs from the fantastic and the fast growing 3D printing communities around the world. We got lots feedbacks and encouragements from the users, and we wouldn't be here without them.  

Making hardware products is never easy. Our founders have years of experience developing consumer electronics and industrial equipment to bring Moai to life. We are makers and creators like you, and it is our goal to spread the use laser 3D printing to as many fields and places as possible.