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First Desktop FFF 3D Printer with Magnetic-Based Linear Motor System

Magneto X features Peopoly's proprietary MagXY magnetic linear motor system for the X and Y axes, achieving unprecedented repeatability of 3 microns. Based on familiar fused filament fabrication technology, the Magneto X goes beyond traditional belts and pulleys, enabling high-speed, artifact-free, truly precise 3D printing at the desktop – powered by magnets.


Motion System: MagXY
Movement Precision: 3um
Max Print Speed: Max 800mm/s
Max Travel Speed: 1500mm/s
Maximum Acceleration: 22000mm/s²
Print Volume: 400 x 300 x 300 mm

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MagXY Motion System-No Belts and Pulleys

Magneto X features Peopoly's proprietary MagXY magnetic linear motor system for the X and Y axes, achieving unprecedented repeatability of 3 microns.

This motion system delivers top-tier accuracy and speed without belts or pulleys. Experience fewer print artifacts and less downtime, all while saving on long-term costs.

Magneto Linear Motor

The clean, simplified design of the MagXY linear motor system simplifies tasks like extruder replacement, with no belts to disconnect or obstruct access. Its low rail friction extends lifespan and reduces calibration needs. Motor auto disengagement prevents extensive damage if the extruder encounters an object.

Max 800 mm/s Print Speed

Magneto X's high-speed printing is made possible by its low-friction linear motor.

  • Max 800 mm/s at 0.2mm layer height (0.4mm nozzle)
  • Max Travel Speed: 1500 mm/s
  • Acceleration 22000 mm/s

True Closed Loop Control

The Magneto X employs a true closed-loop control system for real-time adjustments and corrections during the printing process. This ensures unparalleled accuracy and precision in print outcomes while minimizing the risk of print failures. The system actively monitors and adjusts the motor's position, keeping your print jobs consistently high-quality.

Lancer Extrusion System: High Torque and Speed

Equipped with 90 Newtons of force and a pull speed of 30 mm/s, the Lancer system ensures efficient material delivery for high-speed printing. Its optimized melt zone design allows for a peak flow rate of 60 mm^3/s, achieving quick prints without sacrificing quality.

Harden Steel Nozzle with Swappable Melt Zones

Features E3D V6 volcano style nozzle compatibility (Reprap M6) for a range of nozzle types. The default 0.4mm nozzle is copper, while the included 0.4mm nozzle is made of hardened steel. The system also offers optional swappable melt zones with different lengths, enhancing plastic melting, enabling faster flow rates, and ensuring consistent printing.

Optimized Cooling for Unmatched Print Speeds

Experience unparalleled speed without sacrificing quality, thanks to our innovative cooling system. Equipped with dual 13000 rpm 4015 ball-bearing fans and an additional 8000 rpm 3010 ball-bearing fan for the heat sink, our setup is designed to cool your prints efficiently—even at the fastest printing speeds.

Load Cell Sensor for Precise Auto-Leveling

The load cell sensor measures variations in the surface height of the build platform, providing data that allows for dynamic Z-axis adjustments. This ensures optimal first-layer printing and adhesion. The system utilizes a 48-point grid for comprehensive leveling across the entire build surface.

Broad Material Compatibility

Equipped with a 300°C hot end, the printer accommodates a wide range of materials, including PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, and Nylon-Carbon Fiber.

Filament Runout Detection for Continuous Printing

Includes a filament sensor that continuously monitors material levels, minimizing the risk of print failures due to material depletion.

Big Build Volume of 400x300x300mm

Magneto X offers a 400 x 300 x 300 mm build volume, a large Volume for More Possibilities.


  • Print Volume: 400 x 300 x 300 mm (X/Y/Z) (15.75 × 11.81 × 11.81 in)
  • Build Platform: 400 x 300 mm
  • The outline dimensions of the machine with the consumable holder are approximate: length*width*height: 700*550*700mm
  • The outline dimensions of the machine with Jetstream fan and consumable holder are approximate: length*width*height: 700*550*700mm
  • The outline dimensions of the fully enclosed machine with Jetstream fan and consumable holder are approximate: length*width*height: 700*550*800mm

4 Independent Z-axis Design

4 independently driven Z axes support an extra-large heavy-duty build platform for more stability, and it is easier to get accurate leveling.

Fast Heating Build Plate

400x300mm custom design heavy-duty aluminum build plate with magnets on top ensures stable temperature during printing, powered by a 1000W AC supply, rapidly heated to 130 °C.

Removal and Flexible PEI

A removal, flexible, double-side PEI sheet allows easy print removal. With a texture that can be quickly mounted via magnetic force on the build platform to ensure prints stay on and a higher print success rate.

Klipper - Advanced 3D Printer Firmware

The Magneto X operates on Klipper firmware, a leading open-source platform also used in Voron Design printers and an expanding roster of industrial printers. Offering a data-rich display, robust features, and versatile connectivity, Klipper serves as the intelligent core of the Magneto X. Peopoly proudly sponsors the Klipper project.

Magneto X offers multiple connectivity options such as WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, SD card offline mode, and more.

Orca Slicer - Seamless Klipper Integration

Orca Slicer is a powerful open-source slicing software, building upon prior projects to offer excellent calibration functions, an intuitive user interface, and granular control over the 3D printing process. Its seamless integration with Klipper enables live data feeds, real-time adjustments, and video monitoring. Peopoly is a proud sponsor of the Orca Slicer project.

Built-in 1080P 30FPS Camera

Allow for high-resolution capture of the printing process for both sharing, and detecting potential print issues.

Optional Acrylic Enclosures for Thermal Stability

Semi-clear, smoky-colored acrylic side panels are available to maintain a consistent printing environment for temperature-sensitive materials like ABS, Nylon, PC, and PETG. An optional top cover can also be added to minimize heat loss for materials requiring higher, stable temperatures.

Optional Jetstream-Style Side-Mounted Fan

This uniquely shaped fan allows cooling for extruders at very low noise by blowing right at the extrusion point and even at the full length of the entire build plate, no matter where the extruder moves.

7 in Color Touch screen

●Intuitive and user-friendly interface
●Enhanced visibility and readability
●Allow users to interact with the printer directly
●Live display of working status

Your Privacy, Our Priority

In an industry where cloud-based operations and encrypted logs are increasingly the norm, Peopoly Magneto X stands apart. We firmly believe your printer should be entirely your own. No forced cloud usage, no hidden data collection, and certainly no overbearing user agreements that claim rights over your creations. With Magneto X, you are free to print, upgrade, and innovate without worry.

Your creativity, your data, your privacy—we're committed to ensuring they remain in your hands.

Technology  Specifications

  • Body

Build Volume(WxDxH): 400x300x300 mm

  • MagXY

MagXY motor encoder: Linear magnetic encoder

MagXY motor encoder accuracy: 1um

MagXY motor voltage,current : 48V, Rated current 3A

MagXY Drive Mode: Three-phase DC brushless

MagXY Closed-loop control: Torque, Speed, Position

  • ToolHead

Hot End: All-Metal

Nozzle: Copper, Harden steel

Max Hot End Temperature: 300℃

Nozzle Diameter: 0.2mm and 0.6mm(option),   0.4mm(include)

Swappable Melt Zones: Three types of molten zones, short(include), standard(include), long(option)

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Filament Run Out Sensor: Yes

Load Cell Sensor: Yes

Acceleration Sensor: ADXL345

  • Hot Bed

Build Plate Surface: PEI

Max Build Plate Temperature: 130℃

  • Speed

Max Speed of Tool Head : 800mm/s

Max Acceleration of Tool Head: 22000 mm/s2

Shot Melt Zones Flow Rate: 35mm³/s

Standard Melt Zones Flow Rate: 45mm³/s

Long Melt Zones Flow Rate: 60mm³/s

  • Cooling

Part Cooling Fan: 13000rpm

Hot End Fan:8000rpm

Jetstream Fan:  Cooling cross-section width:400mm  2400rpm

  • Filament


  • Camera

Monition Camera: 1920x1080

  • Physical Dimensions

Dimensions(WxDxH): 700 x 550 x 700 mm³

Net Weight: 28kg

  • Electrical Requirements

Voltage: 110v&220v VAC

Max Power: 1000W(220v) Hot Bed+950W (48v&24v)

  • Electronics

Display: 7inch IPS  touch screen

Connectivity: Wifi, Lan port

Storage: 16GB High Speed TF Card

Motion Controller: BTT Octopus Pro 1.1(STM32H723)

Klipper Host: Orange Pi Zero2 H616

  • Slicer

Slicer: OrcaSlicer, PrusaSlicer, Cura, SupperSlicer

*The machine itself
is equipped with a
standard molten pool length


Shipping Schedule: Orders will begin shipping from our factory to overseas warehouses in Mid-December. Subsequent local deliveries to customers will follow. The sooner you pre-order, the sooner it will be shipped.

It depends on where you are. Shipping from an overseas warehouse will take 5-7 business days to arrive. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

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The Magneto X comes nearly ready to print; all you'll need to add is your choice of filament. We'd also recommend grabbing a few extras like an additional nozzle and a spare melt zone kit for quick swaps if needed. While Magneto X does require a bit of hands-on assembly—specifically the hotbed and control panel—it's pretty straightforward, involving just about ten screws in total. Happy printing!

Without the enclosure, the noise of the model cooling fan is about 45-50db when the speed is 80%, and the noise is about 50-60db when the speed is 100%. It is possible to replace the fan of the same model with lower noise, but generally speaking, the noise is related to the speed. Positive correlation, heat dissipation capacity is positively related to rotation speed, so the fan with low noise may not have enough heat dissipation capacity to support high-speed printing.

Jetstream Side Cooling can work with enclosures.

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