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Phenom Prime

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Phenom XXL


Phenom Noir

Firmware F2.11

Phenom (all versions) Firmware F2.11 (CTB/CBDDLP format support)

Phenom Noir (all versions) Firmware F2.11(CTB/CBDDLP format support)

Phenom L (all versions) Firmware F2.11(CTB/CBDDLP format support)

Please stay with Chitubox Beta as suggested by the Setup guide. The 1.6.5 is quite buggy and cause some printers to function incorrectly. We have not had it tested enough to recommend it. Make sure you clear out Chitubox from any version before installing the intended on:

Here is how:

Chitubox often has leftover files from previous versions and sometimes it corrupts new versions. Factory reset does not always work. This is how you can get a clean Chitubox installation:

1 Uninstall ALL chitubox software on your computer

2 Delete all the leftover files in AppData\Local under user directory

There may be more than one directory and the name of the directory always start with chitu

3. install the chitubox version you want, we recommend Chitubox Beta as it has built-in Phenom profiles and is less crash-prone with larger model files

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