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FEP Film for Moai
Peopoly FEP Film for Moai
Sale price$12.50
Save $1.50
Peopoly - A4 Size FEP Film for Photon - Laser tested!
FEP film Vat for Moai
Peopoly FEP film Vat for Moai
Sale price$85.00
Peopoly HeaterPeopoly Heater
Peopoly Peopoly Heater
Sale price$45.00
Peopoly UV Curing LightPeopoly UV Curing Light
Easy-to-Level Build Plate for MoaiEasy-to-Level Build Plate for Moai
Silicone Gasket for Moai FEP vat
Acrylic Tensioner for FEP vat
FEP film Vat for Anycubic PhotonFEP film Vat for Anycubic Photon
PM Motor for MoaiPM Motor for Moai
Peopoly PM Motor for Moai
Sale price$35.00
High Clarity UV Protection GoggleHigh Clarity UV Protection Goggle
Z-axis Lead Screw Motor - Moai
Galvo System for MoaiGalvo System for Moai
Peopoly Galvo System for Moai
Sale price$300.00
Power Board ReplacementPower Board Replacement
Moai - Protection Acrylic for Galvoes
Moai Laser module - 150mW (Standard)
16GB Class 10 SD Card
Peopoly 16GB Class 10 SD Card
Sale price$14.00
New SD Reader
Peopoly New SD Reader
Sale price$10.00
Door Sensor for Moai and Moai 130
Peopoly Control Knob
Sale price$12.50
Peopoly Extra Charge
Sale price$173.93
Power Adapter For Moai/Phenom/Prime/Forge

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