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FEP Film for Moai
Peopoly FEP Film for Moai
Sale price$12.50
Save $1.50
Peopoly - A4 Size FEP Film for Photon - Laser tested!
Power Adapter For Moai/Phenom/Prime/Forge
Peopoly HeaterPeopoly Heater
Peopoly Peopoly Heater
Sale price$45.00
Peopoly UV Curing LightPeopoly UV Curing Light
Easy-to-Level Build Plate for MoaiEasy-to-Level Build Plate for Moai
Silicone Gasket for Moai FEP vat
PM Motor for MoaiPM Motor for Moai
Peopoly PM Motor for Moai
Sale price$35.00
High Clarity UV Protection GoggleHigh Clarity UV Protection Goggle
Z-axis Lead Screw Motor - Moai
Power Board ReplacementPower Board Replacement
Moai - Protection Acrylic for Galvoes
Moai Laser module - 150mW (Standard)
16GB Class 10 SD Card
Peopoly 16GB Class 10 SD Card
Sale price$14.00
Door Sensor for Moai and Moai 130
Peopoly Control Knob
Sale price$12.50

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