PP-Like Engineering Resin by Peopoly

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*Due to the high percentage of polymer, it is recommended to print PP-Like Engineering Resin at a temperature of 25C or above.

*Price does not include VAT or customs fees from importing countries

PP-Like Engineering Resin has great flexibility, strong with impact resistance. It is very suitable for making prototypes and flexible objects. A thin object printed in this resin can be bent 180 degrees without shattering while a thicker object shows great strength and resilience.

It is developed for most LCD and DLP printers and has a wide range of applications. Due to its high toughness and flexibility, this flexible resin is mainly used for miniature models, making braces, O-rings, washers, tabletop games, mini-game models, swords, etc. It can provide more drop resistance and flexibility.

It is very suitable as an additive to increase the strength and elasticity of other resins to improve the durability of the model to obtain a very powerful printing effect. Compared with other flexible resins, it is easier to print, and liquid resins are easier to dye.


Mechanical Properties:

Shore D 66

Tensile Strength 32Mpa

Young’s Modulus 820Mpa

Elongation At Break:  72%

Heat Deflection Temperature: 60C

Shrinkage 1% per axis

Viscosity 470 CPS


PP-Like Engineering Resin User Guide

MSDS for PP-Like Engineering resin


*Price does not include VAT or customs fees from importing countries 

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