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*This is for out-of-delivery area charges, usually for FedEx and DHL.

FedEx/DHL charges freight by weight, and the freight you pay is only the freight of the order but does not include the additional remote address freight. When your zip code is out-of-delivery for FedEx/DHL, they will charge an additional $30 for this shipment. Therefore, if your zip code is defined by FedEx/DHL as an address outside the delivery area, we will contact you. (Since we ship from Hong Kong, China, international shipment is different from local shipment, local FedEx/DHL may not charge this fee)

The Out-Of-Delivery Area charge is $30 on top of the shipping. You can cover the cost by getting https://peopoly.net/products/out-of-delivery-area-charge

Or if you have another address, please contact us to change it so that your package can be sent out smoothly.

You can find your zip code as follow, FedEx/DHL's remote zip codes are updated every day, so the list below is not all.

FedEx's list: https://fedex.com/content/dam/fedex/us-united-states/services/Zipcodes_OPA_ODA.pdf

DHL's list: https://mydhl.express.dhl/us/en/ship/surcharges.html

Locate the " Remote Area Services" download to view the list of remote areas

Please contact us at contact@peopoly.net with any questions.

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