Peopoly Lancer ABS-GF Filament

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Introducing Peopoly Lancer ABS-GF Filament, a revolutionary blend that combines the ease of printing of ABS with the enhanced strength and stability provided by glass fibers, making it suitable for a wide range of applications requiring high strength, stability, and wear resistance. When used with the Lancer Melt Zone Standard, it has a max volumetric speed of up to 32mm³/s on the Magneto X, ensuring seamless printing experiences and superior results.

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Print Parameters

Color: Black / White
Print Speed: 80-400mm/s (Magneto X)
Temperature: 250-270℃
Bed Temp: 90C
Hardened steel nozzle: Yes
Fan: Off
Keep dry: Important
Specifications:1.75mm diameter, precision tolerance of +/- 0.03mm

Material Characteristics

Melting Temperature: 220C
HDT Temperature: 90C
Tensile Yield Strength[MPa]: 38
Elongation at Yield Point [%]: 6.3
Flexural Strength [MPa]: 68
Flexural Modulus [GPa]: 2.9
Deflection at Flexural Strength [mm]: 8.2
Impact Strength Charpy [kJ/m2](3): 14.5

Unique Advantages

Enhanced Strength and Hardness

The addition of glass fibers significantly enhances strength and hardness of ABS, making it more resistant to wear and tear compared to standard ABS.

High Flow, High Speed

Experience the efficiency of ABS-GF on the Magneto X, paired with the Lancer Melt Zone Standard, it has a max volumetric speed of up to 32mm³/s on the Magneto X. Optimized for speed and quality in 3D printing.

Excellent Stability

ABS-GF filament exhibits excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance, making it suitable for applications requiring high stability.

Improved Print Accuracy

The incorporation of glass fibers reduces shrinkage and warping, leading to more precise and accurate prints, which is critical for industrial and automotive applications.

Outstanding Moisture Resistance

Its excellent waterproof performance ensures stable print quality and prolongs lifespan, making it an ideal choice for projects in humid environments.

Wide Printer Compatibility

Easily print without additional equipment, suitable for a variety of 3D printers.


  • 【Manufacturing Functional Parts】: Due to its enhanced strength and stability, ABS-GF filament is commonly used to manufacture mechanical parts, automotive components, and other functional parts requiring high wear resistance and durability.
  • 【Engineering Prototyping】:ABS-GF filament is suitable for engineering prototyping, allowing engineers to validate design concepts and conduct functional testing while maintaining high-quality and stable printed parts.
  • 【Manufacturing Wear-resistant Components】: Because of its wear resistance and durability, ABS-GF filament is also used to manufacture wear-resistant components such as transmission devices and mechanical connectors.

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