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Installation questions

Is there a central place where I can find official support information for Moai?

Where can I find Moai User Guide

I am having a hard time leveling, can you help?

Is there an installation video that can help me visualize?


Hardware Assembling Guide

What is the recommended leveling?

Any add-on I can make for Moais

Moai is having a boot up problem. Plate is not raising or lowering correctly. Control Knob doesn't work right.


What is the recommended software for Moai?

What is Peopoly Asura software?

What version of Cura and Profiles to use?

I am having problem with OSX version of Cura, Moai


I need help printing on the FEP vat for Moai

How do I add support or hollow my model?

I cannot see my gcode in the SD card

My prints are not sticking to plate, what should I do?


What kind of resins can Moai use?

How to post process Peopoly resin

General Sales and Support


What is there no shipping option when I try to order?