If you are based in the US, it is very likely the FedEx will reach out to you for Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Certification form.  If you get a call from FedEx or you see an exception code like this:

This used to be handled by the shipper (us) but the latest rule change now FedEx requires it from the importer.  

It is a simple form to do, and we will walk you through how to fill this form out.

First, please download the TSCA form from FedEx here:



To fill out this form,

Please put today's date in Date:

And your FedEx tracking number as waybill:


And then you check Positive Certification.


Enter your information below, no need to fill in the company name if you are not buying it as a business.  Make sure you sign it.


And then here you put UV resin for making figurines. 


Thanks, all.