What's next for Moai

It has been a year since Moai Kickstarter ended. We like to take this chance to thank you and tell you what is coming up next for Moai

  • Hardware update
    • Heater add-on module
    • Pause-on-door-open add-on module
    • Extra Door mount holes for the right side frame
    • Protection for Endstop sensor
    • 16GB Class 10 card
  • Moai firmware updates
    • exFat file system to handle larger than 4GB file
    • Further improvement in distortion adjustment
    • Progressive peel force setting
    • Support pause via hardware trigger
    • Print time counter
  • Resin
    • Tough v2 resin with ABS like property is launching in mid-May
    • HiTemp resin with high hardness and temperature resistance is launching in mid-May
  • Software
    • Cura 3.2 Moai edition
    • Updated profiles for even better results
    • New Support and slicing all in one software

    Thank you for your support and feedback. We could not have made this far without you.

    Team Peopoly

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