For those who are new to SLA printing, adding support is likely the toughest learning curve.  Here is a quick tutorial for those who need a more automated approach for learning or for saving time:


Software needed:

XYZWare for Noble


1. Before generating support, you should already repair the model and hollow the model if required. For those functions, you can use Meshmixer.

2. Start XYZWare and load your model using the import function on the upper right hand corner

3. Use the rotate function on the left-hand side to rotate the object to a preferred angle.

Click on Support

Selec Automatic support, make sure settings match the following picture and then click Auto Generate

Save the model with support to STL file

And now you can put the above saved STL file into Cura for slicing

Not only this process is faster for most users, the cross pattern supports generated are very handy.  The cross-pattern can help recover from adhesion problem and provide stronger protection against peel force.  Here is an example how the cross pattern could save a print.

This print was done with room temperature around 14C (please print with room temperature higher than 20C). The lower temperature cause curing and adhesion problems.  You can observe how cross pattern recombined at a later height to help print finishes. While this would still be a failed print, it is a good demonstration of what cross-pattern could do despite using more resins.


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