Asura 1.5 software by Peopoly, now with hollow and hole functions.

Asura is a software that simplifies the process of preparing for resin-based 3D printing.  We created it to streamline Moai workflow with new users in mind.  It is still very new and just entered the first public beta test.  Currently, the software has functions to auto support generation and export.  More features will be added as we get feedback from you.

We developed Asura as an easy and fast tool to prepare 3D models for printing. It is built with new users in mind but with features that will satisfy experienced users.  

You can download the beta program (Windows only) and guide here:

*latest update 9/8/2018 (Version 1.5)

And you can share your feedback here:


Software history:

9/8/2018 Version 1.5 

Hollowing / Holes

Bug fixes


8/16/2018 Version 1.2 Bug fixes to support, better rotation and manual support, improved view perspective, change build volume size, hot-keys

7/24/2018 Manual Support feature added.

7/10/2018 Improved auto-generated support algorithm 

7/1/2018  Initial release