How to manually create cross-linked supports

Many Moai users like to use B9Creator or Creation Workshop to create support for their models.  However, the biggest complaint about supports made from those software is that they are not cross-linked.  

Crosslinked support has several advantages and should be used whenever possible:

1) higher success rate as failed support could be saved when branches recombine at a higher point. 

2) give the object higher rigidity and can better handle and spread the peel force from level changes

3) Also provides more even shrinkage from curing process.

Then how do you crosslinked existing supports on your model?

Meshmixer has a handy manual function that can add support to existing model and is ideal for adding support.

1) Open your model in Meshmixer and open the Overhang in Analysis

2) Make sure your custom support settings matches follow these


3) Use your mouse and follow these 3 actions

4) You can add multiple supports as you see fit

5) Make sure you link any free-standing (isolated) supports so that they are combined into a support network. 


Special thanks to:

Johnnie who provided technical support and screenshots. You can see his work at

Autodesk for the wonderful and free Meshmixer software


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