Moai Firmware 1.14

Moai firmware version 1.14 is an important update for the system.

Key changes:

1. X / Y Size range increase from 100 to 400. So what was 90 then is now 360.  

The finer steps make it easier for users to calibrate Moai for more accurate XY dimension on the prints

- Z Reset Position range, increase from 200 to 2000
What was 188 is now 1880

The finer steps on how much build plate lower makes it easier for users to level.  We have updated the leveling instruction in the Moai check steps and took out the 1/2 turn part of work. The finer adjustment also allows users to make quick changes to improve adhesion without opening the panel. 

Both allow finer calibration and leveling

- Z-follow can now be 0.

This will keep the build plate still during separation, and potentially useful when printing very soft resins.

Please follow the firmware upgrade manual to download and update the firmware.

Leveling instruction, firmware upgrade instruction and latest recommended system settings have also been updated.

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