Post cleaning and curing are as important to final results as the actual printing part itself. Following is the recommended cleaning approach recommended by our lead chemist.



plastic containers x 2

polyethylene freezer bags x 2

empty spray bottle

soft hair brush made with hair (do not use toothbrush or plastic based ones)


Cleaning agents:

Ethanol (Alcohol) is highly recommended. If 90%+ is not available, use 50% or lower.  Grain Alcohol like vodka or moonshine can be used. 

We recommend Ethanol over IPA has higher toxicity than Ethanol is and is more corrosive. 

Dish detergent.

Example: Joy by P&G



Put ethanol into spray

Use water and detergent to create secondary cleaning agent

Place Plastic bags over the container so the container can be reused.



wear nitrile gloves and surgery mask



1. spray ethanol with one hand (gloved) holding the object. Best to do this aiming down into the container, so ethanol and uncured resin goes into the container. Turn the object so that all parts are covered by ethanol. Uncured resin will drip down with ethanol. Do this on multiple passes until you don't see resin dripping, only ethanol. You can use the soft brush here to help remove resins.

2. move the object in the dishwashing detergent container (no need to wait for object dry)

You can shake the objects for few times to help it clean.Then use the brush to gently remove any residual resins. Then leave the object in for about 5 to 15 minutes.  More time for more delicate hard to reach structures.

Ultrasonic may be used by it may damage the delicate portion of the object if not careful

3. Dry and get ready for UV light


Cleaning and Recycling -

We use plastic bags so that after a while we can put the diluted resin in the bag. Then we leave the bag in the sun until the plastic cures, and can be put in recycling. Uncured resin contaminates water supplies, and should never be flushed down the drain.

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