March 2024 Magneto X Production and Product Update

Dear Community,

It's been an exhilarating two weeks since our last blog post, filled with new developments for Magneto X.has been released. Thanks to Tom at Made with Layers and 3D Muskeeters, more insightful videos about Magneto X have been released. Additionally, we're thrilled to see the first batch of pre-orders being delivered, with customers starting to share their pictures and feedback online.

Here's what's new:

Production update

We're expecting to receive the updated load cell PCBs later this week. Upon their arrival, we'll conduct quality control checks and dispatch them immediately. Our production line is also poised, awaiting these parts to complete the assembly of pending machines. 

Insulation Update 

We've engineered a solution to the insulation issue highlighted by Tom. Our approach includes:

Installing a plate beneath the heated bed to shield direct access to exposed wires.

Adding a cover for the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) beneath the printer to prevent direct access.

Nozzle issue

In response to the nozzle issue reported by Tom from Made with Layers, where the nozzle crashed into the build plate, we've made significant firmware enhancements:

  • The load cell sensor will now halt operations if it detects excessive force during z-aix movment, not just during printing.
  • Adjustments to the Z-axis movement direction and length aim to prevent the plate from moving in an incorrect direction or too far.

Klipper firmware update.

The forthcoming firmware update will encompass:

  • Integration of a module for detecting and halting operations when excessive force is detected by the load cell.
  • The introduction of KAMP (Klipper-Adaptive-Meshing-Purging), now enabled by default.
  • Enhanced hotend temperature determination for more accurate readings. An update to the printing profiles is imminent. 
  • Disabling the runout sensor by default to avoid random pauses caused by the current Klipper firmware. A solution is in the works.
  • Refined Z-axis movement settings.
  • Optimized configuration settings in CONFIG file

These updates are the result of invaluable feedback from our testers, and we're conducting additional testing before the official release.

Check out these impressive prints recently made with Magneto X👇

 Spiderman model designed by E9-3D

fdm-3dprintingMagneto Inspired Helmet designed by Budwin


fdm-3dprintingIf you encounter any issues with your printing, please contact us at You're also welcome to join our Discord channel and Facebook group for swift assistance. For detailed information on installation and troubleshooting, our comprehensive Wiki for Magneto X is an excellent resource.

We are dedicated to continually improving Magneto X and appreciate the community's active involvement and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates and happy printing!

Best regards,
Peopoly Team




We’re very interested with Peopoly and investing for industrial use. Is there a future once manufacturing is settled with multicolor capabilities?

Peopoly Support

Peopoly Support

Reply to Greg regarding: “Any idea when orders will open up, after the pre-orders get shipped out?”

Hi Greg, thanks for your attention. There is currently no specific time for the next sale as we are rushing to deliver the first batch of orders. Mass production is constantly expanding, and when we determine the specific time for the next sale, we will share it on the website and social media. Thank you for your patience and continued attention!



Hi Adam, Please email support so we can look up your order and give you an answer. We may have to request some private information regarding your order.
We will email all orders before shipping out to ensure smooth delivery.



That’s great news on the first batch of pre-order deliveries, congratulations!!!
Can you tell us what is the latest order number you’ve already shipped? I’d love to have an idea, even a guess, when mine might show up, order 14343. I’m planning a 10 day vacation starting in 3 weeks and would hate to have it show up while I’m gone without making arrangements to have it moved into safety.
I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering how many units you are projecting you’ll be shipping each week/month once you’ve gotten all your supply issues worked out, which it sounds like you’re close.
I’m also wondering if the latest shipments will have these updates like the build plate and GFCI covers, or if they will be sent out for retrofit.
Thanks for keeping us all up to date!



Any idea when orders will open up, after the pre-orders get shipped out?

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