Shipment and Product Updates for the Magneto X Mar 2024

Warm Greetings to the Magneto X community,

Shipping News:

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone: the toolhead PCB has successfully passed the quality control test, allowing us to resume production. We have started the next delivery wave today, adding more units into the mix, with another batch the following week. We acknowledge the pace has been slower than desired, leading to some understandable impatience as many of you eagerly await your turn to start printing. Please rest assured, accelerating production and delivery remains our utmost priority.

Test Shipments to Europe:

In our ongoing efforts to refine our shipping process, we encountered a hiccup with two test shipments to Europe, directed to Tom at Made with Layers and Stefan from CNCKitchen. Due to the removal of pallets by our overseas warehouse, both shipments suffered varying degrees of damage. To address this, we will be incorporating pallets into all future European shipments and encourage our resellers to adopt this practice as well.

Firmware Update - Klipper Enhancements:

Introducing the Latest Magneto X Klipper Firmware Update(Users who received the printer after March 23 do not need to update the firmware, as the machine is already the latest version.)

This update is pivotal as it significantly enhances the accuracy of the hotend temperature, necessitating adjustments to your slicer profile. This adjustment aims to streamline the process for users, making it simpler to align with the filament manufacturer's recommendations.

Change Log Highlights:

  • Safety Enhancements: Integration of a module to halt operations upon nozzle detecting excessive force, safeguarding your device.
  • KAMP Integration: The introduction of Klipper-Adaptive-Meshing-Purging (KAMP), now a standard feature, optimizing your printing experience.
  • Temperature Accuracy: Improved hotend temperature determination for precision printing. An update to your printing profiles will be necessary.
  • Runout Sensor Update: To minimize disruptions, the filament runout sensor is disabled by default, addressing the random pauses experienced with the current firmware. We are working on an update that will fix this.
  • Z-axis and Configuration Optimizations: Refined movement settings for the Z-axis and enhanced configuration settings for better performance.

Firmware Update Access: Click here to update your firmware

Community Highlights:

Innovation in Motion: Dive into Teaching Tech's comprehensive analysis of linear motors.

Precision Perfected: Explore Ryan's custom 192-point bed mesh technique for unparalleled leveling accuracy.

Speed Unleashed: Witness printing at an astonishing speed of 880mm/s, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, also by Ryan.

Stay Connected, Stay Creative

We're incredibly proud of the Magneto X community's passion and patience as we navigate these updates together. Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to delivering excellence. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.

Warm regards,

The Magneto X Team




But.. it’s still not available for a normal person to purchase?..



Today i get my shippment information. i am so happy!! Speed up Boat or plane!! :-)
Thank you!!



Hey Peopoly,
That’s pretty good news. Very glad to hear that the Magneto is finally ready. It’s an amazing machine and I can’t wait to order my one :-)
Best regards from Germany

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