Magneto X Update: Mastering Leveling and Printing Benchy in Real Time

Hi Peopoly Community,

A huge thank you to everyone who joined our first livestream! It was a learning experience for us, and we did our best to address as many of your questions as we could. During the stream, we noticed a lot of interest in seeing the Magneto X's leveling process with its load cell sensor and a speedrun-style Benchy print. We're excited to respond to these requests and provide you with the latest updates on production and shipping.

【Leveling and Calibration Unedited】

Dive into the detailed process of homing, leveling, and bed mesh calibration on the Magneto X. This unedited walkthrough aims to show you exactly how we ensure optimal print quality every time.

Watch HereBenchy Print Test in Action】

Check out Magneto X's authentic printing capabilities in this close-up video. We tackle the standard Benchy print test using Orca Slicer, with no manual gcode tweaks or special model edits. It's all about showcasing real-world printing performance.

Watch Here

【Production and Shipping Update】

We've transferred the production materials to our assembly partners this week for a first run of 30 units and more are ready to go. While the assembly takes 2-3 days, fine-tuning the quality control and ensuring consistent performance across all printers is our top priority and take a few more days. This crucial step is key to scaling up smoothly. Our team is working diligently, and if all goes well, we aim to start shipping later next week and ramp up production. We've also been conducting shipping tests to ensure both the packaging and printers meet our standards. Their feedback is invaluable, and it will guide us in refining the delivery process for Magneto X. As soon as feedback comes in to give it a go, we will start shipping printers to local warehouses in the US and EU. 

magneto x fdm 3dprinting
Stay tuned for more updates, and once again, thank you for your incredible support and patience.

Warm regards,

The Peopoly Team

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It’s a relief to get an update on the production of the Magneto X. While I am glad that time is being taken to do exceptional machine calibration and ensuring that the printer will be first class in its category I would also like to get an update on the production of the full enclosure and the ancillary components such as the long hotend.

Thanks team Peopoly and all involved with the process of getting this printer designed and fabricated and packaged and shipped. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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