Introducing the Extra Fast Phenom Forge Profile

Forge has superior panel and LED design and with the help of heated vat, it can achieve major gain (30%) in print speed that previous profile and significantly faster than other large format MSLA printers.

While we gained speed by increase motor speed, it was not as simple as that. The combination of great mechanical design, a faster processing board like Vlare and a resin designed for fast printing made this possible. 



  • Use of Vlare Slicer
  • Use of Deft and Neo resin by Peopoly
  • Setting heated vat to 35C on the controller,not much higher or lower
(Vlare Slicer page)
(Setting 35C )

Vlare Profile: (click to download)


Default Heavy Support on Vlare


Good Pratices:

1.Before Printing

  • Mix the resin and expose FEP film to air 
  • Check FEP film condition before printing
  • Clean the film on the panel 
  • Preheat resin in VAT to target temperature


2.After printing

  • Wash the print as quickly as soon as possible
  • Dry print immediately after washing


Successfully printed photos :

(Print within 7 hours)

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I’m interested to see a similar profile for Siraya Tech Easy or Fast ABS-Like to gain similar speeds. I understand it may not be quite as viscous as Deft and Neo, so maybe slightly slower. Thanks!

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