Update on Coronavirus impact on operations

As of today, the official mandate is that no private business in China could open until Feb 10th without special emergency permission. That means we cannot fulfill any orders or part support until at the earliest Feb 10th. Part of our support staff is not in China or Hong Kong, so we still able to provide some online help for now, but our resources are severely strained. Please accept our apologies for not able to ship or respond in a timely manner.

Every year, we closed our China/Hong Kong operation for two weeks for the Chinese New Year to spend time with family and get some much-needed rest. This year started with long delays even with express service to our customers. Little did we know the outbreak would spread this fast, and that led to more delays. It has been ten days since we closed the office for the Chinese New Year, and we cannot reopen the office.

We spend a lot of time every day talking to team members to make sure they are safe and in a good emotional state. We do not know how long this could last, so the least we can do is to keep the spirit up. I imagine many other teams are in a similar situation. We asked the community to extend a helping hand if you could to help fellow users in need. We will be available online and will catch up on the emails this weekend. We will also take this time to improve our support documents and Wiki further to help more users.  

We also like to share with you a Novel Coronavirus 3d scan data provided by Nanjixiong. It is a WRL (VRML )format that could be opened by Zbrush and many other design software. Help bring awareness to this outbreak as it affects people worldwide. You can download the WRL file here.

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