Faster and stronger print on Forge! 100um profile for Deft and Neo resin.

Want to go even faster with your Forge? 

About a month ago, we shared a speed optimized profile for Deft and Neo resin that could reduce time by 30%. Now we are going to cut time by another 40% on top of the 30%. 

How do we do it? By going to 100um.

The advantages of printing thickers are

  • Less layers to print, thus less movement
  • Thicker layer often means strong print
  • No loss of the X/Y resolution

While not all resins are designed for it, and for high speed lift, our Deft and Neo resins are ideal for such applications. 

Here is what you need:

Best resin 3D printer


  • Use of Vlare Slicer
  • Use of Deft or Neo resin by Peopoly
  • Setting heated vat to 35C on the controller,not much higher or lower
Vlare Slicer
(Vlare Slicer page)
3D printer resin types
Deft or Neo resin)

Phenom Forge
(Setting 35C )

Vlare Profile: (click to download)



Default Heavy Support on Vlare

Vlare Slicer


Good Pratices:

1.Before Printing

  • Mix the resin and expose FEP film to air 
  • Check FEP film condition before printing
  • Clean the film on the panel 
  • Preheat resin in VAT to target temperature
Peopoly Forge


 2.After printing

  • Wash the print as quickly as soon as possible
  • Dry print immediately after washing


Successfully printed photos :


Best resin 3D printer
Best resin 3D printer
Best resin 3D printer

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