How to print Moai resin on Formlabs Form2

We often received inquiries how to print Moai for other printers, and the most frequent request is for Form2.  Some of the users reported excellent results using Black V1 setting on their Formlabs printer.  We decided to go ahead and collaborate with some of the Form2 users.

You can print Moai Grey resin on Formlabs printer using Grey V3 profile.

One of our favorite designers Paul Braddock 



Another user from the US tested and these are the pictures he shared with us:


Here are the close-ups:

 The user is very satisfied with the results and has said it is very easy to sand and post process.

Moai grey resin has following mechanical properties:

Hardness (Shore D): ASTM D2240 82
Tensile strength at break (Mpa): ASTM D638M 60
Elongation at break(%): ASTM D638M 8%
Young's modulus (MPa): ASTM D638M 830

It is ideal for printing large objects and object thin walls due it's high hardness and Young's modulus.  

For more information on the resin, you can visit this blog post.


Disclaimer: We do not claim to own trademarks and copyright on Formlabs, Form2, and the models mentioned in this post.  This was a demonstration print, and we do not imply any partnership or ownership of the above trademarks and intellectual properties.