Exciting Updates: Magneto X Deliveries, New ABS-GF Filament, and OrcaSlicer 2.0!

Hi Magneto X Enthusiasts!

We have some thrilling updates to share regarding our latest innovations and delivery progress for the Magneto X.

【Magneto X Delivery Update】

We are excited to announce that we have completed the majority of our preorder deliveries for the Magneto X. A few orders in Europe are still pending due to customs delays, and we are also trying to reach some customers who may not have received our emails. If you pre-ordered a Magneto X and haven't heard from us, please check your spam folder. If there's still no communication, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

For our European customers, we appreciate your patience as we navigate customs clearance at the port, which has caused a delay of about two weeks. The goods have been cleared, and we will ship your orders as soon as they reach the forwarder’s local warehouse.

Following this, we will start processing new orders. You will receive an address confirmation email from our team before we ship your printer.

【Introducing New ABS-GF Filament】

We are thrilled to introduce the new Peopoly Lancer ABS-GF filaments. Designed specifically for the Magneto X, this filament is robust, easy to print, and offers high heat deflection temperature (HDT). ABS-GF combines the excellent properties of ABS with glass fiber to significantly reduce warping during printing. Pre-order now [here] for a special offer of 2 rolls for $50.

【OrcaSlicer 2.0 Update】

We are continuously working to enhance your printing experience. Our latest update includes new filament profiles and pull requests to OrcaSlicer 2. x, incorporating the new Lancer ABS-GF filament. You can download the updated profile [here].

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of the Peopoly community!

Best regards,

The Peopoly Team

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Wolfgang Reinhardt

Wolfgang Reinhardt

I hope that my Magneto X will actually be dispatched in August so that I can see your good development work for myself in reality. Thank you for your efforts.
Best regards from Germany

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