Exciting News and Enhancements for Magneto X Users

Hello Magneto X Enthusiasts!

We're thrilled to bring you the latest updates on your Magneto X.

 【Firmware Update: Magneto Klipper V1.1.3】

We are proud to announce the release of the new Magneto Klipper update V1.1.3. Here’s what’s new:

  • Motor Monitoring Interface: Added a monitoring interface for the X and Y-axis motors, allowing direct capture of error codes when the motor fails.
  • Temperature Calibration Optimization: Enhanced the adc_temperature values for temperatures ranging from 300°C to 330°C.
  • Runout Sensor Code: Re-implemented the runout sensor code to reduce the probability of false triggers.
  • Motor Test Macros: Added macros for testing the X, Y, and Z motors, making it easier to assess motor performance.
  • Timelapse Configuration: Integrated timelapse features based on the excellent open-source project [Moonraker Timelapse](GitHub - mainsail-crew/moonraker-timelapse: Timelapse Plugin for moonraker).
  • Removed Auto Unload Commands: Eliminated all movement commands for auto filament unloading to streamline operations.

 Please refer here for latest firmware.


【OrcaSlicer 2.0: Improved Performance and Compatibility】

Since April, we have switched to Orca Slicer 2.0 for all our test prints. We are happy to report that OrcaSlicer 2.0 works exceptionally well with the Magneto X.

Download the OrcaSlicer 2.0.0 configs and a portable version form here. We will also submit a pull request with our settings so future versions of Orca Slicer will include the latest configurations and profiles.


【Updated Wiki Documents】

We have been diligently updating our Wiki with new information. Here are some recent additions:

We hope these updates and enhancements provide a better experience for our Magneto X users. Stay tuned for more exciting news and releases from Peopoly!


Mark, Founder of Peopoly

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Brandon Burleson

Brandon Burleson

When you submit a request to Orca slicer for the new settings could you also try and get a preset for a .6mm nozzle I have a .6 diamond back I want to use.

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