Exciting Magneto X Updates: On Track, Ready to Roll, and Customize!

Hello Magneto X Enthusiasts!

We're thrilled to bring you the latest updates on your Magneto X shipments. As we approach the middle of May, we're right on track with our delivery schedule. This week, we're shipping out 40 units across the U.S., with more on the way next week. Our Canadian and European users can look forward to similar timelines.

We greatly appreciate your patience and are excited to say that we are ramping up to fulfill new orders within the promised delivery timeframes. Stay tuned for more good news!

For support, check out these resources

  1. Magneto X Wiki: Peopoly Wiki

  2. Community Discord: Join us on Discord

  3. Facebook Group: Connect on Facebook

Community Contributions & DIY Innovations

Many of you have expressed interest in customizing your Magneto X or adapting its components for other printing systems. To support your creativity, we've updated our design files, including CAD files for both the Magneto X frame and the hotend/meltzone. These resources are there to help you innovate and make the Magneto X truly your own.

Find the CAD/STEP files here: Magneto X Design Files

Join our community discussions, share your modifications, and let’s push the boundaries of what our printers can do together. Your innovations inspire us, and we look forward to seeing what you create!


Mark, Founder of Peopoly




Could you add a .6mm preset for the magneto X to whatever the next revision of orca slicer will be. I ordered a diamond back for mine and it’s a .6

Johann Studanski

Johann Studanski

Nice! Really appreciate the release of those files…!

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