Magneto X Firmware Update: Elevating Your 3D Printing Experience

Hey there, Magneto X fans! Mark here, the guy behind Peopoly. We're excited to bring you some fresh updates for your Magneto X, designed to refine your printing sessions like never before. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we've made enhancements that touch on crucial aspects of functionality and user-friendliness. Let's jump into what's new!

【Firmware Highlights】

  • Improve WiFi connectivity with a new Wi-Fi configuration tool that makes finding wireless access points easier in Klipper
  • Improve unloading filament macro to minimize the chance of clogging due to PLA filament jaming. 
  • Improve bed leveling accuracy by changing the default temperature of the heated bed to 70C during leveling.
  • Ability to update OVA 

Update via OVA 

Download the latest firmware

- Enhanced WiFi Setup

Say hello to an upgraded WiFi setup interface, crafted to streamline your Magneto X's network connection. This revamped interface makes the process smoother, ensuring you're up and running in no time. We believe the same Wi-Fi connectivity issues plagued other Klipper based printers and we plan to release this program to the public.

Here is a video showing how it to set up using the new WiFi 

- Optimized Filament Unloading

We've fine-tuned the filament unloading process, greatly minimizing clog risks, particularly with PLA materials. A new "Unload PLA ABS PETG" feature automatically sets the nozzle to 165°C and adjusts filament movement for hassle-free unloading, tackling PLA expansion and preventing clogs.For high-temperature filament running 280C or higher, you would want to manually unload by setting to nozzle to a higher temperature and using the retract function.

- Ethernet for Fast and Secure

Prefer a wired connection? The Magneto X's Ethernet port ensures a stable, fast link for your printing projects. Check our wiki for straightforward setup instructions, and enjoy a seamless printing connection.

- Enable Runout Sensor

You can now enable runout sensor using this wiki guide.

- Teflon Tube Interference Fix

Discover a smart, printable solution for Teflon tube interference, improving toolhead movement in open setups. This simple fix boosts your printer's efficiency, detailed in our wiki guide

- Z-offset and Bedmesh for Ultimate Precision

Dial in the perfect first layer with our guides on adjusting Z-offset values. A fine-tuned Z-offset ensures flawless adhesion without squishing. Adjust gradually and test on smaller models before tackling larger projects.

【Future Enhancements】

Exciting times ahead! We're in the process of refining our wiki guides for the Lancer Extruder System and the Linear Motor System. These updates, coming in the next two weeks, promise to enrich your Magneto X experience even further.

At Peopoly, our commitment to evolving and perfecting our products is unwavering. This latest firmware update embodies our pledge to offer you the finest 3D printing experience. So, dive in, update your Magneto X, and as always—happy printing!


Mark, Founder of Peopoly


Brandon B

Brandon B

I know in the most recent update of orca slicer they added a preset for the Magneto X. I don’t know if you guys helped with that but if you did, right now there’s only a .4 millimeter preset would you be able to work on a .6 millimeter setup. I got a diamondback to use for my machine and it’s a .6

Peopoly Support

Peopoly Support

KAMP is already installed as part of latest Magneo X firmware. Please find the guide in the Wiki here to enable it:

Peopoly Support

Peopoly Support

Hi Brandon,

Thank you very much for your interest in Magneto X! We are moving closer to the klipper mainline, but there are still a lot of technical details to deal with. As for the adaptive bed leveling you mentioned, we have added the KAMP library in the last update to realize this function. After the firmware is upgraded to 1.1.1, you can upgrade Magneto X online. If you have any questions please contact



So are we close to being on mainline klipper with this update? Would really like to try print area only adaptive bed leveling but don’t want to brick my new machine….

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