Peopoly UV Curing Light

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This UV LED fixture is ideal for fast curing your print with 6 high power 405nm UV LED.  It can solidify photosensitive resin efficiently and speed up post-processing. When held within 5cm of the resin, the resin will cure in just 10 seconds. Thicker parts will require a long time.

This device can be used handheld or as much of curing system. Due to the intensity of UV light output, the user must wear eye protection or their eyes will feel strained after extended exposure.

*US adapter 2 prong type* 

Printable Enclosure can be downloaded here 

 *This product is for the sole intended of curing 3D printed resin parts.  It is not intended for other applications. 


Size: 115x87x76 mm

Power Input: AC 85V-260V, 290mA

Weight: 0.5kg

Light Output = 60W Mecury Lamp 

*Price does not include VAT or custom fee from importing countries 


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