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This UV LED fixture is ideal for fast curing your print with 6 high power 405nm UV LED.  It can solidify photosensitive resin efficiently and speed up post-processing. When held within 5cm of the resin, the resin will cure in just 10 seconds. Thicker parts will require a long time.

This device can be used handheld or as much of a curing system. Due to the intensity of UV light output, the user must wear eye protection, or their eyes will feel strained after extended exposure.

*US adapter two prong type* 

Printable Enclosure can be downloaded here 

 *This product is for the sole intention of curing 3D-printed resin parts.  It is not intended for other applications. 


Size: 115x87x76 mm

Power Input: AC 85V-260V, 290mA

Weight: 0.5kg

Light Output = 60W Mercury Lamp 

*Price does not include VAT or custom fees from importing countries.


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