FEP film Vat for Moai

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*Order it now, expect to ship on March 24th.

Film based Vat designed for Moai. Includes 3 metal pieces vat assembly + 1 acrylic tensioner + 1 FEP film.  Make sure you pick up extra FEP films when ordering this vat. 

Key features:

  • Much more durable than PDMS based vats. 
  • Easy and low cost to replace the FEP film.  
  • Print area is 128 x 128 mm. 
  • No hardware modification needed to use the FEP vat.  Just slide it in as you would with a PDMS vat. 
  • Full metal built that can handle the rigor of constant use
  • Use it with original build plate or even better, the new easy to level build plate. 
  • We can only guarantee performance with Peopoly laser grade FEP film

 *Price does not include VAT or custom fees from importing countries

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