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Showing 49 - 72 of 126 products
Motor - Phenom L/Noir
Peopoly Motor - Phenom L/Noir
Sale price$40.00
Save $11.25
Neo Resin by Peopoly (1kg)Neo Resin by Peopoly (1kg)
Peopoly Neo Resin by Peopoly (1kg)
Sale price$33.75 Regular price$45.00
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New SD Reader
Peopoly New SD Reader
Sale price$10.00
Save $18.75
Nylon-Like Tough Resin by Peopoly  (1kg)Nylon-Like Tough Resin by Peopoly  (1kg)
Peopoly Nylon-Like Tough Resin by Peopoly (1kg)
Sale price$56.25 Regular price$75.00
Parallel LED Light Engine for Original PhenomParallel LED Light Engine for Original Phenom
Save $1.50
Peopoly - A4 Size FEP Film for Photon - Laser tested!
Peopoly HeaterPeopoly Heater
Peopoly Peopoly Heater
Sale price$45.00
Peopoly Heating ControllerPeopoly Heating Controller
Peopoly UV Curing LightPeopoly UV Curing Light
Phenom by PeopolyPhenom by Peopoly
Peopoly Phenom by Peopoly
Sale price$1,999.00
Phenom Door Acrylic Panel
Phenom Forge  VAT with a Built-In Heater
Save $520.00
Phenom Forge by PeopolyPhenom Forge by Peopoly
Peopoly Phenom Forge by Peopoly
Sale priceFrom $979.00 Regular price$1,499.00
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Phenom Forge Plate
Peopoly Phenom Forge Plate
Sale price$85.00
Phenom L by PeopolyPhenom L by Peopoly
Peopoly Phenom L by Peopoly
Sale price$2,599.00
Phenom L Door Acrylic Panel
Phenom L PlatePhenom L Plate
Peopoly Phenom L Plate
Sale price$140.00
Phenom L VAT
Peopoly Phenom L VAT
Sale price$160.00
Phenom Motor
Peopoly Phenom Motor
Sale price$30.00

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