Peopoly at Maker Faire Bay Area

What a trip!  We got helps from many friends to make this one happen, and we couldn't be more happy about the experience.  We were busy with production so I (Shu) am the only one who could go.  Because I didn't have any backup, I have to stay in our booth most of the time and didn't get to see most of the show.  Peopoly won Editor's Choice for the event, and we dedicate this to our community.

Maker Faire Bay Area Peopoly Moai award

The best part about Maker Faire is the people, and we got to meet many wonderful makers, including over 10 of our backers.  Several told me about their plans to "hack" Moai, and I couldn't wait to see their creations.  I cannot show their face without permission, but I will show Cal from Brother Robot.

And many friends came by to cheer me on, including Chuck from CHEP 3D Printing. We met at the Middlewest RepRap Festival 2017.

We did some printing at the show. And we attempted a large print here with the help of Victor from Gadget Friendly.  No other SLA printers were printing at the show because of the shaking table, but we thought we give it a shot to show off the laser advantage.  It survived many bumps to the table over 5 hours but finally, someone tripped on the cable, and it stopped.  

There are many people we like to thank for making this trip possible for Peopoly team. Victor of Gadget Friendly and Dustin of JAT.MN gave Moai a ride the show from and to LA. Chris of Practical Printing helped by standing in and helped to get food and water.   And for many who came by and offer words of encouragement. And of course to Make for hosting this event. Thank you.  

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