Magneto X:No Belts and Pulleys

  • MagXY Motion System: 3-micron precision with magnetic linear motors.
  • High-Speed Printing: Up to 800mm/s.
  • High Flow Lancer Extrusion Toolhead: up to 65mm³/s flow rate.
  • True Closed Loop Control: Real-time print adjustments.
  • Advanced Leveling: 48-point load cell sensor leveling.
  • Open Source: Fully customizable firmware.
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Some Print Previews

📢Watch the video below to learn more

Peopoly Magneto X: Revolutionizing FDM Printing with Linear Motors

Peopoly Magneto X: Made with Layers (Thomas Sanladerer)

Teaching Tech: Field testing the Peopoly Magneto X linear motor 3D printer

Teaching Tech: Magneto X linear motors: Deep dive and performance testing

3D Musketeers: Peopoly's MAGNETO X!!! Magnetic Linear Motors! NO BELTS!!!

Rist Innovations: 1st Production Peopoly Magneto X 3D Printer Arrived!

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