Prime Upgrade with Parallel LED Light Engine Kit for Original Phenom

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Sale price$499.00 Regular price$799.00

Prime's print review after replacing the Parallel LED Light Engine(Video via 3D Printed Props)

Know Before Ordering

*Original Phenom Upgrade to Prime need to use with Parallel LED Light Engine. Please contact us before ordering so we can verify your Phenom and how it could be upgraded.

Phenom L and Noir users would need a different upgrade kit, and we are actively working on them. Please stay tuned, and we will release more information for those printers.

This Parallel LED light engine helps reduce light scattering and further increase resolution, especially used with the Phenom Prime 6K upgrade kit. Please do not purchase it for Phenom Noir /L / Prime.


Time to make your original Phenom printer faster and more robust?
Upgrade it to the newest Prime spec with our easy-to-install Phenom upgrade kit.

The kit Includes:
- Prime 5.5K Monochrome Panel
- Panel Mounting Bracket
- New Chitubox Mainboard with integrated driver
- Main Board Mounting Bracket
- The parallel light source of OG Phenom upgraded to Prime
- Accessories needed for installation

*Price does not include VAT or customs fees from importing countries 

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