Phenom L Monochrome 8K Upgrade with Parallel LED Light Engine Kit

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Installation Guide

We are excited to announce the highly anticipated Phenom L Monochrome 8K upgrade! Many of our users have been eagerly waiting for this enhancement, and it’s finally here. The upgrade kit includes:

  • 16" 8K Monochrome Panel: Featuring an impressive resolution of 7680 x 4320, a pixel pitch of 46μm, and a build volume of 353mm x 198mm x 400mm on the Phenom L.
  • Custom Panel Frame: Specifically designed to fit the new monochrome panel.
  • Chitubox Board: Capable of driving the 8K panel with precision.
  • LED Array: Engineered to provide the focused light necessary for the 8K monochrome panel.
  • Metal Frame: Ensuring all components are securely combined for easy installation.

Why Upgrade?

The original Phenom L uses a color LCD panel and an LED array designed for it, which means simply swapping to the new 8K monochrome panel wouldn't work efficiently. Here’s why:

  1. Incompatible Controller: The original controller cannot drive the new 8K monochrome LCD panel.
  2. Inadequate LED Array: The LED array for the color panel emits UV light that is too scattered and intense for the monochrome panel, leading to lower resolution.

We encountered a similar situation with the original Phenom. Initial upgrades without a new LED array resulted in suboptimal performance. Therefore, our upgrade kit includes a specially designed LED array to ensure the highest resolution and performance.

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