Siraya Tech - Blu Tough Resin For LCD Resin Printers (1kg)

Country: US
Product: Blu - Clear v2
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  • Blu is a tough engineering resin that has excellent mechanical properties.
  • High hardness and robustness make it suitable for various parts and tool making.
  • It is also bio-compatible as certified under ISO 10993-10.


  • Engineering Prototypes
  • Mechanical Aids
  • Fixtures and Jigs
  • Medical Devices

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Blu Tough Properties

Shore Hardness 85D
Tensile Stress at Break 50 MPa 
IZOD Impact 45 Notched, J/m
HDT at 0.455 MPa 70℃
Elongation at Break 32%
Young's Modulus 1800 MPa


Please read the user guide before printing! Download the print setting.

Where to find MSDS,TDS and Test model.

View REACH, RoHS and Biocompatibility certification.


Introducing Blu by Siraya Tech, an easy-to-use tough resin that performs under stress. It balances strength and hardness and is ideal for making functional parts that are strong yet with some flexibility.

Unlike many resins on the market that are too brittle to handle even the slightest drop, Blu has excellent mechanical properties that can withstand forces without breaking easily.

  • High Toughness
  • Excellent resolution
  • Strong and Precise High Resolution
  • Precise Prints and No smelly
  • Balances between strength and hardness
  • Balance between sturdiness and flexibility
  • ISO 19903-10 Biocompatibility certification

Blu Clear V2

Blu Obsidian Black

Blu Clear V2 Display and Hammered Test

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