Goal: Create a large format resin 3D printer that combines the print volume of FDM printer and resolution and speed of SLA printer.

One of the most frequent requests we got is: “Can you make Moai bigger so I can print my design at full size?Yes, we can and we have been working on this DFA prototype since the beginning of the year.

Project DFA Specification:

  • 300x300x300mm build volume
  • 250mW 405nm LED laser
  • Top-Down design with applicator blade
  • Print speed is 600mm/s for 100um layer height.

We printed this special version of Matterhackers Phil to show the size as well as details. You can check Punk Phil at the Matterhackers Booth at Maker Faire Bay Area 2018:

DFA Matterhackers Phil Pubk

Here is a sneak peak of the printer operation

There are works remain to further printer design, software workflow and resins for large format SLA printer. If you are interested to stay updated on this project and find out when it will be ready for market, please sign up for our Project DFA email list.