We have been working on film based vat design since last year, and it is now ready.

Key features:

- Much more durable than PDMS based vats. 

- Easy and low cost to replace the FEP film.  

- No loss of print volume. 

- No hardware modification needed to use the FEP vat.  Just slide it in as you would with a PDMS vat. 

- Full metal built that can handle the rigor of constant use

- Use it with original build plate or even better, the new easy to level build plate. 

(below is the working prototype, the final version of the FEP vat would be black)


The new easy-to-level build plate is designed to work with both the new film vat as well as the PDMS build plate

- Only a few screws to adjust and it is ready to print.   No more opening of the side panel.  

- Full metal built designed to last

- Improved drainage and guard, so user's hand is not covered with resins when removing a print.  


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More FEP Vat Pictures