Tired of wrapped prints or constantly re-taping?

Introducing Peopoly's FDM print surface. An affordable way to provide strong and durable adhesion for ABS, PETG and many FDM filaments.  

- works with ABS, HIPS, PLA, PETG and other FDM materials.  

- strong and durable

- easy to apply

- comes in 20 x 20 cm


Most of you knows us from the Moai SLA printer. We also do a lot of FDM printing and we just got tired retaping. So we found a suitable material that is durable and made some for ourselves and our friends.  We also handed out some at the Midwest RerRap Festival and got really good feedback. And people started asking to buy them so we decided to offer them on our site. We hope it will help you with your FDM printing.