Slicers, Profiles and request for help

We have been testing Cura 2.5 and Silc3r 1.30 Beta extensively.  Below are the profiles for both programs. You can use it to test out different objects and see how it slices.

We originally focus on Cura because it has the most polished interface and has lots settings to tinker.  However, at some rare instances, it may not slice very small features, so we expand testing on Slic3r.  We are long time users of both

We are long time users of both slicers, and they both came a long way.  Both supports multithreading and are more stable than previous versions.

Some users request Simplify3D profile to be added. We don't have latest Simplified3D on hand at the moment.  Users can take the Cura/Slic3r profiles and try to recreate.

Some key aspects:


  • line width can be set between 0.67 to 0.7mm
  • turn off all support / base / brim
  • Use line as infill, in Cura we use 70% as the benchmark.  Slic3r infill setting is at 20%. The idea is that we want a very dense but not completely solid infill, so that uncured resin are not trapped inside. 
  • Turn off all retraction, cruise, anything that deals with FDM specific. 
  • Turn off temperature control
  • printing speed is 100mm/s first layer print speed is 5mm/s  travel speed is 300mm/s



We have no had the chance to do variable layer printing that Slic3r has to offer. The idea is that you can combine printing thicker layers for speed with thinner layers for details. One thing you could help us develop is to create variable gcode for us to test. 

Speed for 50um is 150mm/s  Speed for 100mm/s  


Here is the public beta directory for profiles:


 Cura Printer setup:


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