Magneto X Nozzle Wiping Solution: A Deeper Dive
In our recent blog post, we briefly introduced our ongoing efforts to develop an effective nozzle-wiping solution for the Magneto X. Today, we're excited to share more details about this development, giving you an inside look at the design and implementation process.

【The Challenge】

Maintaining a clean nozzle is crucial for high-quality prints. Residual filament on the nozzle can lead to print defects and interruptions. To address this, we've designed a nozzle-wiping solution that is both efficient and easy to implement.

【Design Considerations】

1. Space Availability:
  • The Magneto X has a travel distance of 312mm on the X-axis and 400mm on the Y-axis, providing 12mm of space on the X-axis to accommodate the wiping device.
  • The PEI plate dimensions (359mm x 476mm) offer ample space for the installation of the wiping device without interfering with the printing area.
2. Material Selection:
  • We evaluated three materials: felt fabric, brass brush, and silicone brush.
  • Each material was assessed for its cleaning efficiency. The felt fabric emerged as the best option due to its ease of installation and thin profile, which ensures it doesn't obstruct the printing process.

We chose to use two felt pieces, each measuring 26x15x4.5mm, positioned strategically on the PEI plate. Here's a detailed look at the installation and wiping process:

Wiping Process

The nozzle wiping sequence involves several steps to ensure thorough cleaning:

1. Initial Positioning:
  • Perform a Z home operation to set the nozzle's starting position.
  • Move the nozzle to the wiping device area and extrude a small amount of filament, allowing it to flow out naturally.
2. First Stage Wiping:
  • Rub the nozzle back and forth 10 times on the first felt piece.
3. Second Stage Wiping:
  • Move to the second felt piece and repeat the back-and-forth rubbing 10 times.
4. Final Stage Wiping:
  • On the adjacent PEI plate, scrape the nozzle back and forth 10 times to ensure any remaining residue is removed.

【Results and Feedback】

Early tests of this wiping solution have shown promising results. The nozzle is cleaned effectively, reducing the risk of print defects. We believe this solution will significantly enhance the printing experience with the Magneto X.

【Share Your Thoughts】

We value the feedback from our community. If you have any suggestions or improvements for our nozzle wiping solution, please let us know. Your insights are invaluable as we continue to innovate and improve our products.

This detailed look at our nozzle-wiping solution is part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and community engagement. We plan to make the wiper available as a small add-on kit for users who wish to purchase and install it on their printers once we complete development. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Peopoly!

Happy printing!

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