How to customize Cura build platform for Moai

One of the hardest parts about SLA printing is understanding how to work with peel force and where the object is placed in the vat vs. in the Cura platform.  Moai user Flo Seger helped created following modification to Cura:


1. Download and extract following files:

You will have





Exit Cura if it is still running


2. Copy peopoly_moai.def.json to 

C:\Program Files\Cura 2.6\resources\definitions 


you will need admin access and overwrite the existing file.


3 copy moai.obj to C:\Program Files\Cura 2.6\resources\meshes


4. copy moai.jpg to C:\Program Files\Cura 2.6\resources\images


Run Cura and you will have


Door, represent the Front of Moai if you look at it the door.

Left, represent the left side of Moai if you look at the door. 

And vice versa.

Because the right side of Moai is where riser motor is, the peel (tilt) distance is longest, and the peel force is the strongest. It is highlighted in red. The peel force gradually reduces as you go toward to left side of the vat.  This affects how you set up supports and orientation as you would prefer the entire object is in the same peel force zone. If that is not possible, then the object in the red zone may need more support to help mitigate the effect.


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