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Due to the high percentage of polymer, it is recommended to print Sculpt at a temperature of 25C or above, but a heater is not required.

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Are you looking for that ideal resin with special high-temperature resistance formula that prints great on its own? With special high-temperature resistance formula, even when the sculpt reaches the HDT temperature, it will not soften too much.

It is suitable for many traditional processes that require high-temperature production but need to maintain prototype parts printing and vulcanized rubber molding. It is also ideal for mixing with other resins to increase the temperature of resin and accuracy since it is in clear color.

✔Low Shrinkage
✔Smooth Surface Finishes
✔High Resolution
✔Works Great as Additive
✔Easy to Clean and sand
✔Optimized for LCD/DLP printing, works on Moonray Printer.
✔High-Temperature Resistance, HDT is around 220C, great for vulcanized rubber molding
✔Great for printing tabletop minis, digital sculptures, or application that requires high-temperature resistance.


Sculpt Clear and Grey properties

Shore Hardness 90D
Tensile Stress at Break 35 MPa
IZOD Impact ---- Notched, J/m
HDT at 0.455 MPa 180℃
Elongation at Break 5%
Young's Modulus 3500MPa

 Sculpt Ultra White properties

Shore Hardness 99D
Tensile Stress at Break 31 MPa 
IZOD Impact ---- Notched, J/m
HDT at 0.455 MPa 250℃
Elongation at Break 1%
Young's Modulus 8000MPa

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