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The original Phenom has been discontinued, We recommend Phenom Forge and Phenom XXL V2.

Phenom Forge, it's a 6K monochrome screen with a heated vat and WiFi camera. Heated vat allows very reliable printing, even during winter and with engineering resins. Forge is the only printer under $2000 that has this feature. Now the special price of Forge is $979, and the single machine is free shipping in the United States. If you are interested in him, don't miss this wonderful discount! Click below to learn more!

Phenom Forge

Phenom XXL V2

Phenom XXL V2 is the largest printer in the Phenom series, Print volume 527 × 296 x 550 MM, 4K industrial-grade screen, equipped with wifi camera and Advanced Parallel LED for higher resolution. It is powered by the all-new Vlare Core controller and supports Lychee Slicer, Tango Voxeldance, and Vlare Slicer. The current discounted price is $8399, click below to learn more!

Phenom XXL V2

An Introduction Video for Phenom

The most popular large format MSLA printer

Unlike the brand’s previous printers in the Moai series (which use laser), Phenom uses the MSLA (LCD+LED) approach.

MSLA is much faster than other resin technology when printing a large object or a full plate of small objects because the entire layer is cured of resin. Peopoly’s customized light engine has even more light distribution than other printers using MSLA technology and a cooling system to improve print results while extending the life of the mask.

Phenom utilizes a widely adapted Chitubox firmware/software so users can easily move up from their existing smaller LCD printer. While users could set Phenom exposure freely, it is best to first to use the Peopoly Deft resin designed for large printers for the highest success rate and LCD longevity.


- Print volume: 276 x 155 x 400 mm
- Resolution: 72 um
- Technology: MSLA 3D Printing
- Vat Volume: 1.8 kg
- Panel Lifespan: 400 Hours on average (normally varies from 200-800 hours) and is consumable.

Additional Consumables

You can purchase additional consumables for Phenom here:

Replacement LCD panel for Phenom
FEP Film for Phenom
Deft Resin by Peopoly - White
Deft Resin by Peopoly - Grey

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How To Service Phenom 3d Printer

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