Moai Laser SLA Printer kit with FEP vat

Moai Laser SLA Printer kit with FEP vat

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Key features:

- Build Volume: 13 x 13 x 18 cm
- 70-micron laser spot
- now comes with both a PDMS and a FEP Vat that is more durable and easier to replace
- Mechanically capable up to 5-micron layer height resolution.  Print layer height is dependent on the resin.
- Print via G-Code.  Use the familiar Cura to slice your model
- High resin compatibility, means access to lower cost resins as well as specialty resins
- Full access to laser exposure settings. Perfect for researchers and developers
- The kit does not include any resin and user would need purchase separately
- An active and friendly community of users supporting and learning from each other. 

*Easy-to-level build plate is not included in this kit because the user still needs to use the original build plate for initial calibration and leveling. You can pick it up here

*Price does not include VAT or custom fee from importing countries