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Due to the high percentage of polymer, it is recommended to print Sculpt at a temperature of 25C or above. 

While we recommend printing at temperature 25C or above, a heater is not required. Please refer to the user guide for more detail.

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Are you looking for that ideal resin with a smooth injection mold-like look and beautiful color for your latest model design? Introducing Sculpt, the premium resin for model makers in 

with special high-temperature resistance formula

✔Smooth Surface Finishes
✔High Resolution
✔High-Temperature Resistance. HDT around 160C, great for vulcanized rubber molding
✔Beautiful Metal Grey Color
✔Easy to Clean and sand
✔Optimized for LCD/DLP printing, works on Moonray Printer. 
✔Great for printing tabletop minis, digital sculptures or application that requires high-temperature resistance,