Phenom MSLA Printer

4.5 Times Bigger
5 Times Faster than Form3

Only $1999.00

50% Bigger

Need to print even larger models? Phenom L can print up to 345 × 195 x 400mm and is even bigger than Form 3L

Only $2799.00

100% Faster

Are you on a tight project deadline? Phenom Noir has monochrome panel that speeds up printing.

Only $3299.00


Build Volume:

276 × 155 x 400 (mm)


72 (um)

Print Speed:

10-15 (mm / hour)

LCD Panel Lifespan: est 400 hours*

LCD Panel: Color screen

  • LCD Replacement Cost: 100 USD

Phenom L

Build Volume:

345 × 195 x 400 (mm)


90 (um)

Print Speed:

15-20 (mm / hour)

LCD Panel Lifespan: 400 hours*

LCD Panel:Color screen

  • LCD Replacement Cost: 120 USD

Phenom Noir

Build Volume:

292 × 165 x 400 (mm)


77 (um)

Print Speed:

up to 30 (mm / hour)

LCD Panel Lifespan: est 2000 hours*

LCD Panel: monochrome (Black and white screen)

  • LCD Replacement Cost: 400 USD


Matt Stultz, Make Magazine


"Provides great prints and with much less hassle than many other resin printers"



"Phenom is a great 3D printer if you want to print big without spending a fortune"