Phenom XXL by Peopoly

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Gigantic MSLA Printing

Phenom XXL is the latest and the largest 3D printer by Peopoly for the Phenom Series. Using the same MSLA technology and improvements in the light engine, we developed XXL, a printer that has 22 times build volume of a Formlabs Form 3.

Phenom XXL With a build volume of 527 × 296 x 550 mm. Phenom XXL is 500% Bigger than Phenom and over 4 times bigger than Form 3L. With an industrial-grade 4K panel, XXL is ideal for high volume production and extra-large model. With all-new build plate designs, Phenom XXL is as easy to run as other Phenoms while offering the ability to print large models without splitting. XXL also runs on the same Deft and Neo resins as Phenom so users can stock the same consumables.

Phenom XXL same utilizes a widely adapted Chitubox firmware/software so users can easily move up from their existing smaller LCD printer. While users could set Phenom exposure freely, it is best to first use the Peopoly Deft resin designed for large printers for the highest success rate and LCD longevity.

Products include one XXL printer, one extra screen, and two extra FEP films.

Print volume: 527 × 296 x 550 MM

Resolution: 137 um

Technology: MSLA 3D Printing  

Vat Volume: 6.5 kg

You can purchase additional consumables for Phenom XXL here:

Replacement LCD panel for Phenom XXL  
FEP Film for Phenom XXL
Deft Resin by Peopoly - White
Deft Resin by Peopoly - Grey

Panel Lifespan: 500 Hours on average (normally varies from 300-800 hours) and is consumable.

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